save a tonne of co2
How could you save a tonne?
energy saving bulbs
By using 4 energy saving light bulbs in your home you will use 80% less electricity and you will save a tonne of CO2 and £216 within 6 years
A regular car driver will save a tonne of CO2 and £1000 per year by sharing their daily journey.
energy saving
In 2006, 338 million journeys were made on the National Cycle Network by cycle and foot. Just 733 journeys a year would save a tonne of C02 annually.
By turning off items left on standby such as your TV, VCR, DVD, laptop and your sound system, you will save a tonne of CO2 in just over 3 years.

For example; you will save a tonne of CO2 for every:

  • 3 tonnes of glass you recycle
  • 500kg of paper recycled
local fruit and veg
Carrots on sale in some of our supermarkets are imported by air from South Africa (5000 miles) a one way flight emits over a tonne of CO2, buy British produce and save a tonne.
ensure hot water tank is insulated
By ensuring your tank is well insulated, you will save a tonne of CO2 within 6 and a half years and save £20 per year on your heating bill.
washing machine
Just 1 degree can save 10% of your annual heating bill and will save a tonne of CO2 within 13 and a half years.
holiday in the uk
The average Briton pours 1.3 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere from aircraft travel per year. By taking your holiday in the UK for one year you will save a tonne of co2 per person.
washing machine
You will save a tonne of CO2 emissions in 6 years by turning your washing machine dial to 30degrees rather than 40. You will save over 40% of your energy consumption therefore dramatically reducing your energy bills.

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